Mark Fowler
Mark Fowler has an extensive 20 yr. background in owning
and managing a successful decorative painting business. His knowledge and talents in the field of color, texture, faux finishes,wall painting, Trompe L’ Oeil and mural painting has created the opportunity for Mark to broaden his horizons in the world of hand-painted scenic wallpaper.

Since being commissioned by a major N.Y.C. wallpaper firm to design and establish their “Americana” line of scenic landscapes in 2002, Mark has spent years researching viable options for creating and producing his own unique line of scenic's.

Inspired by beautiful, centuries old villas of France and Italy, his extensive travels here in the U.S, and the knowledge of today’s interior design marketplace, Mark has launched Fowler le’ Maison, a company dedicated to providing pinpoint elegance, refined texture and a woven harmony within scenic wallcovering products that will transform any interior environment!

Incredible value for your home design at realistic prices!